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Map of Iceland

In the diverse realm of cartography, city map art stands as a celebration of the intricate tapestry of urban landscapes and the beauty rendered from the convergence of geography and creative expression. At Maps of Iceland Shop, our collection of city map prints and framed posters offers a captivating insight into the urban spaces of Iceland’s charming settlements and some of the world’s most renowned and beloved cities.

Let’s delve into this engaging art form and learn how to seamlessly incorporate these striking pieces into your living space.

The Art of Mapping Urban Landscapes: Craftsmanship Meets Creativity

Discover the spellbinding beauty of city map designs, strikingly produced by skilled artists and cartographers.

1. Architectural Elements

City map art captures the essence of urban landscapes by weaving together architectural features such as buildings, street plans, and city grids, creating mesmerising visual representations of cityscapes.

2. Attention to Detail

Cartographers and artists utilise meticulous techniques to ensure the portrayal of cities in map art is both accurate and visually compelling. Their precise renditions of urban environments offer invaluable insight into a city’s unique characteristics.

3. Diverse Aesthetics

From minimalist to vintage, abstract to watercolour, city map art encompasses an impressive range of styles and palettes, appealing to diverse interests and tastes.

The Icelandic Edition: Evoke a Sense of Pride with Local City Map Art

Celebrate the enchanting essence of Iceland’s urban settlements with our exclusive selection of Icelandic city map art.

1. Reykjavik: Capital of the North

Treat yourself to a captivating map print of Reykjavik, Iceland’s bustling capital and cultural hub. Our diverse collection captures Reykjavik’s unique cityscape, celebrating its vibrant spirit and architectural splendour.

2. Akureyri: Northern Beauty

Bring home the charm of Akureyri, Iceland’s “Capital of the North,” with a striking map print highlighting its picturesque waterfront, elegant buildings, and enchanting streets.

3. Small Towns and Villages

Find inspiration in the tranquil atmosphere of Iceland’s quaint towns and villages. Our collection features map art showcasing settlements such as Siglufjörður, Húsavík, and Höfn, exuding a sense of warmth and serenity.

A World of Wonders: Discover the Magnificence of Global City Map Art

Venture beyond Iceland’s borders to explore the splendour of our international selection of city map designs.

1. Iconic Metropolises

Our global city map collection spans the world, displaying artistic interpretations of iconic metropolises such as New York, Tokyo, London, and Paris. These breathtaking prints capture these urban giants’ pulsating energy and architectural marvels.

2. Historic European Charm

Revel in the exquisite beauty of Europe’s historic cities, with map prints dedicated to the enchanting atmospheres of Rome, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, among many others. Each print offers a unique perspective on the architectural wonders and city layouts that have charmed visitors for centuries.

3. Cities by the Sea

For the coastal admirer, select from our mesmerising collection of city map art highlighting picturesque waterfront cities like Barcelona, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town. These stunning works of cartographic art invite feelings of sun-soaked days and the soothing sounds of the sea.

City Map Art Display Ideas: Showcase Your Love for Urban Landscapes

Transform your living space into a beloved gallery, effortlessly integrating city map prints and posters into your home decor.

1. Creating a Cartographic Gallery Wall

Curate a stunning gallery wall that combines various city map designs in different frames and sizes. Choose an eclectic mix of styles, colours, and origins to create a visually dynamic display of your favourite urban landscapes.

2. Focusing on a Collection

Build a cohesive collection of city map art prints based on a specific theme, such as European capitals, waterfront cities, or locations you have visited. Display the collection in a dedicated area, grouping the prints by style or region for more impact.


The enchanting allure of city map art lies in its extraordinary ability to merge cartographic understanding with captivating visual expression. The Maps of Iceland Shop’s curated collection of city map prints and framed posters captures the essence of Iceland’s charming urban landscapes alongside some of the world’s most remarkable and beloved cities. Welcome these unique artistic creations into your home, and embrace their transformative impact on your interior design and personal memories.

Embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with our extensive collection of city map art at Maps of Iceland Shop. Browse our captivating selection today in our online map store and bring home the perfect representation of your favourite urban landscapes.

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