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Some of the maps on this website can be printed at much larger sizes if needed. We also make especially commissioned maps of all sorts. Contact us at if you’re interested in large scale prints or if you’re looking for maps of certain locations throughout the world.

The Maps on this website

All the maps on this website have been either made from scratch, changed in appearance or digitally restored by Snorri Þór Tryggvason, founder of Maps of Iceland.

The shaded relief maps are made by using old maps of Iceland or parts of Iceland as a texture on a precise 3d model made with the latest terrain analysis data (Digital Elevation Models) available. The maps have to be stretched and twisted to fit onto the 3d model since these old maps from around 1905-1930 are not as precise as modern maps or terrain data aquired with modern day technology. This process can take a few days to complete for each map, which is then digitally rendered in a 3d computer program generally used by computer game designers, animators, architects, engineers etc.

The Iceland Flower “Maps” are designed by Snorri Þór, the founder of Maps of Iceland. The flowers are picked during the summer months, arranged carefully on a white surface on location where they are picked and a single photograph is then taken of the flowers. Some of these images required several tests before succeeding to catch a well lit photograph of the fresh flowers.

The Vintage/Antique Maps have all been aquired from private map collectors, kind enough to let us make high resolution of the map prints which in most cases are several hundred years old. The maps are then color corrected and digitally restored with tears, creases and damages being carefully fixed in Photoshop.

We are

Snorri Þór Tryggvason (, a local photographerfilmmaker and cartographer. Snorri is the founder of Maps of Iceland, Iceland360VR and Iceland Location Scouting. He has spent the last years travelling all around Iceland in order to capture high resolution 360° images of Icelands major points of interest. Snorri is also the founder and owner of the design studio Borgarmynd.

André Luís ( ), a portuguese front-end engineer with an acute concern for elegant and purposeful design. Coming up with delightful solutions through a user-centred approach drives him to pursue simplicity, with enough complexity within users’ effortless grasp. He’s also grown quite fond of climbing onto a stage and speaking to his fellow colleagues and sharing best-practices and experiences.

Brian Suda ( Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO, USA, with a Master Degree in Computer Science, Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, he’s relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland. Currently he’s exploring our next generation of human and cultural interactions. Sometimes that means exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality, improving well-being in elementary schools, or introducing new forms of urban transportation. His technical background allows him to track and explore data, and stay ahead of the curve.

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