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Map-Inspired Wanderlust: Planning Your Next Adventure with Map Art from Maps of Iceland


For centuries, maps have captured our hearts and imaginations, offering a tangible connection to distant lands and fostering a spirit of adventure. In the age of digital technologies and virtual experiences, map art holds a unique place, serving as a visually striking reminder of our most cherished journeys and inspiring us to dream of new places to explore. Maps of Iceland offers a diverse range of map prints and framed posters featuring various countries, cities, and landscapes to ignite your wanderlust and envision your next adventure.

In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating connection between maps and travel inspiration, exploring how map art can fuel and assist in planning future adventures. We will provide tips on curating a personal travel map collection with the stunning options available at Maps of Iceland. Additionally, we will share creative ways to display and use map art to capture your travel memories, from tracking bucket list destinations to commemorating unique experiences.

Rediscover the alluring beauty of maps and their ability to instill wanderlust through the captivating collection at Maps of Iceland. Let map art be your guide in uncovering new lands, capturing memories of boundless exploration, and inspiring a never-ending passion for travel.

The Unyielding Connection Between Maps and Travel Inspiration

Unveiling the powerful bond between maps and the excitement of discovery, exploration, and adventure.

Visualizing Our World

The intricate details, colorful imagery, and unique perspectives of maps create a vivid display of diverse lands, cultures, and histories, drawing individuals to the intoxicating allure of exploring new places.

Provoking Dreams and Aspirations

Map art awakens the innate desire to see and experience distant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic destinations, sparking curiosity and a sense of fascination with the unknown.

Capturing Memories and Journeys

Maps and map art serve as cherished keepsakes of past travels and experiences, preserving treasured memories while inspiring further journeys and adventures.

Planning Future Adventures with Map Art

Harness the power and beauty of map art to fuel and support your travel planning process.

Mapping Your Bucket List

Use map prints and framed posters to visualize and organize your must-visit destinations, tracking your progress and eagerly anticipating future journeys.

Inspiring Spontaneous Escapades

Allow the striking beauty of maps to tempt you to explore lesser-known locations, illuminating hidden gems and unique sites awaiting discovery.

Uncovering Your Path

Study your chosen map art for valuable insights, such as possible road trip routes, recommended stops, or appealing nearby destinations to complete and enrich your travel itinerary.

Curating a Personal Travel Map Collection with Maps of Iceland

Craft your very own unique travel map collection with the diverse and striking options available at Maps of Iceland.

Diverse Geographic Selections

Choose from map prints and framed posters of various countries, cities, and landscapes to bring together your favorite destinations and dreams in one cohesive collection.

Exclusive Artistic Styles

Select from an array of artistic styles such as watercolor, vintage, minimalist, or topographic, to showcase your passion for cartography and create an eye-catching display.

Customizable Map Art

Opt for customizable map art to personalize and immortalize the locations, experiences, and sentiments that hold a special place in your heart.

Creative Ways to Display and Use Map Art for Travel Planning and Memories

Transform your living space into a travel-inspired oasis with these innovative techniques for displaying and engaging with map art.

Create a Travel-Inspired Gallery Wall

Develop a visually captivating gallery wall with a collection of map prints and framed posters, incorporating personal photos and other travel mementos as an homage to past journeys and future adventures.

Develop a “Places to Visit” Corkboard Map

Utilize a corkboard map to pin and track your bucket list destinations, adding photos, postcards, or other memorabilia for each new journey completed.

Share the Joy of Travel with Friends and Family

Celebrate your travel experiences and discoveries by creating map art-inspired travel stories and recommendations to share with loved ones, fostering connection and encouraging new adventures for others.


Maps and map art possess an undeniable magic, encompassing the intimacies of memory, emotion, and the inherent curiosity of our ever-evolving world. At Maps of Iceland, you’ll find a captivating collection of map prints and framed posters to catalyze and support wanderlust-fueled dreams, plans, and reminiscing. By curating your unique map collection and integrating these awe-inspiring visualizations of our world into your daily life, you invite endless inspiration for exploration and growth.

So why not unleash the thrill of cartography by displaying map art and planning your next escapade with Maps of Iceland? Allow your passion for adventure to soar beyond your walls and embark on a journey of boundless discovery.

Let Maps of Iceland’s map online store be your creative compass — explore our diverse collection of map art and add enchantment to your living space. Begin your journey through the breathtaking world of maps, and unlock the joy of travel planning and dreaming with every glance.

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