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Interior design is an evolving world that embraces unique, engaging, and trendsetting elements. Map art has emerged as a pivotal player in the realm of home and office décor, infusing spaces with a fusion of visual interest, creativity, and sophistication.

The Maps of Iceland offers a diverse range of map prints and framed map posters that cater to a variety of styles and preferences, making it the ideal destination for those looking to transform and elevate their residential or commercial spaces.

In this blog post, we explore the powerful impact of maps and map art on interior design trends, emphasizing the versatility and adaptability of these artistic elements to various styles and layouts. We also provide valuable tips for choosing the perfect map art to complement existing décor and seamlessly blend into your chosen space.

Finally, we will showcase the Maps of Iceland’s exclusive collection of captivating map designs that will breathe new life into your home or office interiors.

Join us as we navigate the world of map art and interior design, and explore the endless possibilities for creating visually harmonious and dynamic living spaces with the Maps of Iceland’s extensive offerings.

Capture the essence of exploration, wanderlust, and culture by incorporating exquisite map art into your life, and let your spaces speak the language of refinement, elegance, and adventure.

The Influence of Maps and Map Art on Interior Design Trends

Discover the appeal and impact of incorporating map art into the ever-evolving world of interior design.

A Timeless Statement Piece

Map art creates a distinct focal point within any space, evoking feelings of adventure, discovery, and culture that transcends time and continues to captivate admirers.

Blending Aesthetics

With diverse artistic styles ranging from vintage to minimalist, maps and map art seamlessly merge with various interior design trends, offering versatile and enduring visual appeal.

Telling a Personal Story

Incorporating map art into living spaces adds a personal touch by showcasing treasured memories, life experiences, and personal passions, connecting the space to its inhabitants.

Versatility of Map Art for Distinctive Interior Styles and Layouts

Explore the adaptable nature of map art and how it can enhance a wide range of interior styles and settings.

Classic and Traditional Spaces

Incorporating elements such as vintage maps, historical map replicas, or antique-style map prints can elevate traditional spaces while maintaining aesthetic consistency.

Modern and Minimalist Design

For contemporary or minimalist interiors, map art with sleek lines, neutral colors, or abstract interpretations can enhance the sophisticated feel of the space without overwhelming the senses.

Eclectic and Bohemian Spaces

In eclectic or bohemian interiors, unique and colorful map art, such as watercolor cityscapes or whimsical illustrations, can help foster a creative atmosphere and complement the room’s distinct aesthetic.

Tips for Choosing Map Art that Complements Your Décor

Select the ideal map art to seamlessly blend with your interior design by following these essential guidelines.

Find the Perfect Size and Scale

Consider the size and available wall space to best determine the dimensions of the map print or framed poster, ensuring visual harmony within the room.

Select the Right Color Palette

Choose map art with colors that complement the existing décor and color scheme of your space, promoting cohesion and visual balance.

Coordinate with the Room’s Theme

Align your map art selection with the overall theme of your space, whether it be geographical, historical, or artistic, to create an engaging and immersive atmosphere.

Discover Maps of Iceland’s Collection for an Elevated Living Experience

Explore the Maps of Iceland’s exclusive range of captivating map designs, perfect for enhancing your residential or commercial interiors.

Map Prints: Striking Visuals for Your Walls

Choose from an array of aesthetically diverse and high-quality map prints that capture the essence of various cities, countries, and themes to suit your personal preferences and interior design style.

Framed Map Posters: Elegant and Timeless Display Options

Add sophistication and flair to your living or working space with framed map posters, available in multiple framing materials and colors to perfectly complement your existing décor.

Customizable Map Art: Personalized Designs to Reflect Your Journey

Take your interior design to a personal level with customizable map art, allowing you to choose the locations, styles, and details that hold significance in your life and add a unique touch to your space.


Incorporating map art from the Maps of Iceland into your residential and commercial spaces is an innovative way to create engaging, stylish, and personalized interiors. By selecting the perfect map to blend seamlessly with your existing décor and design style, you can create a visually harmonious and dynamic space that captures the spirit of discovery and adventure.

With the extensive range of map prints and framed map posters available at the Maps of Iceland, the possibilities for transforming your interiors are virtually limitless. Embark on a journey through the world of map art and interior design, and reimagine your living spaces with captivating, elegant, and inspiring cartography.

Transform your living space or office into a stunning work of art with Maps of Iceland! Discover our vast collection of map art prints and framed posters that will take your interior design to the next level. Explore our map online store now and find the perfect map that speaks to your spirit of adventure and love of cartography. Don’t miss out on creating a unique and stylish environment that reflects your personality. Visit our website today and start curating your dream space!

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